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A week-end in the land of the “SW” cars (for “South-West”), in the South-West region, 44 miles from Douala (even if this region is located a bit at the North of Douala or the Ocean region, it’s still called “South-West”).

Limbe is a small city on the coast, at the bottom of Mount Cameroon, right between ocean and volcano. Volcano I said. Mount Cameroon is one of it, with a peak at 13,400 feet (note this for later), still active (even if asleep at this moment). Its last lava flow dates back to 1999 (not so long ago) and left some traces that are still visible: the road from Limbe to the West is still cut by a dry spit of basalt of around ten meters height.


Limbe, and the black sand beach

Limbe’s harbor. An inaccessible landing stage, a beach soiled by the local activity… in the back, Little Mount Cameroon, at the bottom of its big and volcanic brother…

On the other side of Little Mount Cameroon, a more touristic area. Miles of beaches made of volcanic black sand…

… facing the Ocean. The coast seems to be still a bit wild.

It’s only 4:56 p.m., but the sun is already really low on the horizon and turns the landscape to gold.

You then appreciate the time, the view…

… the moment.

You can have here a portrait in a modern way. Instant pictures in a place where time seems to fade out.

Strange things in the trees. They are nests, weaved cocoons for the birds. Amazing…

Day 2
The lava spit

Quick stop on the way back to Douala. Natural site: the lava spit going down from Mount Cameroon.

Standing on top of the lava spit.

Spit of basalt covered in green, contrasts with the palm trees. In the back, you can almost see the island of New Guinea.

Climbing the lava spit.

New picture on the road. I don’t really know why, but I love these pictures. Opening, movement, spirit of discovery, of unknown, of not knowing what awaits around the corner…
Who knows, maybe they will be part of some kind of collection one day.

N3 : Idenao – Limbe.