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The day after hiking near the Mount Manengouba (read the Episode 2), no time to rest. After making my legs tired, it’s time to work the top half of my body. What’s the plan? Three hours canoeing in the mangrove swamp of Douala (and against the current, or it wouldn’t be fun :) ).


“Mangrove swamp? What’s that?!”. The mangrove swamp is a vegetal area which grows in estuaries and marine shorelines. Some kind of forest that grows on the water, its roots being underwater at high tide and at air at low tide.
You can go out there in a boat and navigate its meandering drawn as a maze.

The mangrove swamp as seen from the waterside.

From the canoe, one felling: the calmness. You let your canoe drifting, hearing at the parrots’ screech and the music of the birds singing…

You can enter some little branch, which are sometimes dead-end. The route is different at high tide and low tide…

… some aerial roots blocking the entrances sometimes when the water level is too high.