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A first week discovering Douala, its inhabitants, its pulse, its heat, its activity… and a first week-end out of the city. Direction: Kribi, little city near the Ocean in the South-West region, main city of the department of… the Ocean. Yes, it’s the name of the department, of the district. I like it!

And for that 16 pictures worth more than more words (more than the one that are already above…)… well, a first travel, 110 miles away from Douala.


A road with amazing tropical colors.

First sight at Kribi. Its little beaches are full of hand-made pirogues.

Little nap from a hammock.

First morning here, with a beautiful tropical shower…

… which arrived in 30 seconds and lasted for half an hour.

After the rain, the sun came back quickly, bringing also some amazing contrasts.

An hour after the showers. Who could say it rained?

Behind our “boucarou” (hut). On the other side, the beach and the Ocean.

The fishing port of Kribi. The fishermen sell their catch straight out of their pirogues.

The port of Kribi.

Bordeaux City. Even 2,967 miles away from the city, it seems I cannot escape some strange forces.


Hand-made swing, from a tree and a mooring.

The coconut trees of Kribi.

One last pirogue (each of them has its name written on it).