Editorial Photography

Water drop attached on branch in front of a river
Puddle in the forest, sky and cloud reflection
Bridge, fog, mist, river, morning
Boy running on Water Mirror, Bordeaux
Boy and strong sky and clouds reflection on the Water Mirror, Bordeaux
Boy running through the mist on the Water Mirror, Bordeaux
Take a deep breath (take 2)

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Lamp post in Benicassim, Spain
Hands up of crowd in front on stage, confetti, Benicassim Music Festival, Spain
Crowd in front on stage, Benicassim Music Festival, Spain
Shot from above of a restaurant in Odessa, Ukraine. Silhouette drawn with chalk on the pavement.

What happened there? Who is responsible? There is one clue, but no one really knows…

Water tank and sky, New York
Long exposure of girl, night, New York City
Black and white picture of a couple walking in a snow storm, Limoges, France

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