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Yay. Finally!

After two months working on this update, here is something new! I’ve been creating this new design for quite some time, and I’ve used my time between two jobs to complete this big task.

Welcome in this new version of the website, the fifth one (five versions in five years).

What’s new

  • Revised, improved and optimized design

    There was a lot of things that needed to be improved:

    • A lighter, cleaner and versatile design (no more pages with different background colors…),
    • An improved display of the pictures and a better readability, for a bigger pleasure (it was really needed for the Travel Journals which have verrry long pages),
    • A faster loading and a deferred display of the pictures, while you will be going down in the page (don’t need to wait anymore for the entire page to be downloaded before reading).
  • Navigation helpers

    A big new thing: several little and practical tools, always reachable! (on the top right of the website, near the menu)

    • The website is available in French and English. If you need to change the current displayed language, click on International,
    • It’s late and you don’t have time to finish reading the latest article? You don’t have to loose time going down in the page on the next day! Use the Index,
    • You’re in the middle of the article and you like it so much that you want to share it right away? Click on Share!
  • Mobile and Retina

    The website is optimized for your iPhone (go check it out, it looks really awesome on the iPhone) or your smartphone. Now, you can read the latest article while on the bus or in the metro! From everywhere! (the last update removed this compatibility)

    Also, take advantage of the last technologies and the high-definition on your mobile or computer! The website has been optimized for it! Everything will be very clear. (only the pictures from the new articles will be optimized for high-definition. The Travel Journals will receive a special treatment and will be updated in the next weeks)

What changes

  • About the pictures

    This changes too! No more Flickr, say hello to 500px!

    My Flickr Pro account has expired, and I don,t want to renew it (I feel like Flickr is getting older and is loosing my interest). But my pictures will stay online, and I have now a new gallery on 500px, all clean and all pretty. The new pictures will be added there!


  • Everywhere on the Internet

    Facebook, Flickr, Twitter… are still active, but I’ve become more present on the web. Check my new profiles on websites like 500px, Vimeo, Pinterest or Klout. All the links are in the contact page.