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After we got married, decision was made to spend the Summer in Europe, visiting our families and relatives. A journey that would bring us in several countries, sharing our happiness, and making new friendships.

My wife insisted that, as two creatives, we had a project that would follow us. So we decided that we would try to shoot in every country, or important stop of our “honeymoon”.

“Project: Honeymoon.”

#1 — Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Dancing in the rain”

Woman in red dress, in the rain, fountain

Our first stop was Amsterdam.

Five days were too short to really enjoy the city. On the day before we had to leave, we went to visit the Rijskmuseum, where we spent a formidable moment discovering the collection.

Then, walking out, we saw the little gardens that surround the museum. Green alleys, sculptures, and one interesting fountain. The kind of fountain the kids and can run in and through, with jets coming on and off in patterns.

We decided that would be our first spot, where we would start the series.