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Here is the third episode of REC, the re-collection.

Already three weeks. Twenty one days in the “after”.
But this project is older than that. From the idea to the first publication, some work had to be done. From the selection to the editing, it has been a long process. Forty pictures, and only forty, have been selected for the launch. Forty pictures for forty weeks. And to be honest, I am eager to see what this project will become. It will evolve, for sure. 280 days, a bit more than nine months, will be necessary to reveal REC entirely. Adjustments and new paths will for sure be met on the way.

REC, the idea of a new view on my pictures, idea which will also be bound to the evolution of my view on life. Evolution in evolution.

No-solitude. Exactly in the middle of nowhere

Chott-El-Djerid, Tunisia, December 26, 2006, 11:16:06 a.m.

It had been already two years since I moved back to France for school and I left my parents to their life in Tunisia. At the end of 2006 they got the wonderful idea to gather the whole family for Christmas vacation under the Sun.
Steps back into a life I had during four great years, on the Tunisian soil.

During these vacation, we crossed the South from West to East, from Tozeur to Djerba, the Sahara to the Beauty Island. Though I knew the places and cities, this trip got a special savor, after two years living “abroad”. Like a new discovery.

The location where this picture had been taken is really intriguing. The Chott-El-Djerid, a large and flat salt lake of 1.900 sq mi, offers an unique feature: the omnipresence of nothingness. Cut West to East by a terribly straight road, there is this moment, when, in the middle of the route, nothing comes to disturb the horizon: flat, clean, ocre and open. Although, even in the middle of this desert, you are never really alone: for the people who ride with you or the other convoys crossing the Chott, there is always a soul just by your side.

Lost in the middle of nowhere, even when your eyes are getting lost looking for a point of reference that probably doesn’t even exist, there will always be a milestone, a singular marker to remind you exactly where you are. Just by you.