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REC is about logic. Since the photography training I attended past Summer, a small light has been growing in my mind. It all started with the words of Yann, our training master, referring to a certain chaos in my photography, linked to my tendency to shoot “a lot without thinking”. Since then, looking at this past collection of mine, I’m looking for similarities, a guiding line. I think I found it. This line, even if not graphically obvious in the pictures I will show in REC, is for sure present in my collection. It may be a thin mile-thick line, for I give it a lot of liberty, but it is there, and that is what matters.

That is REC: an idea representing my pictures. This idea, first collection, is extremely self-centered. The theme is… me. REC is a simple but emotionally-deep selection, that represents me, physically and in my fundamental characteristic. REC is in a way… an autoportrait.

Summer freshness

2006,, Bérenger Zyla, Lacanau, Gironde, Beach, Ocean, Blue, Waves, Flag, Blue Flag, France, Vacation, Summer

Lacanau, central beach, June 3, 2006, 12:20:22 p.m.

It is 12:27 p.m. at the time I am writing these lines. In Bordeaux, the thermometer shows the temperature is 10°C [50°F], far from the warmth I was bathing in when I took this picture.

In 2006 (and that is still true actually), I loved to hop my bike during the weekend and drive the 70 kilometers [45 miles] between Bordeaux and Lacanau Océan. A real path, from the Garonne to the Ocean, through the pine forests and lakes.

At the beginning of June, the beaches are still empty, the water fresh, but the Sun is enjoyable. It is easy to find a little spot of paradise in front of the water, to get a small tan and clear your mind with fresh air, enjoying the new Summer.