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Yap yap yap… The last post lead us back to January. It’s already mid-May… I’m really good at posting, that’s great…

NO! I’m not dead doing my job. No, I did not disappear, nor that I gave up on this blog, or threw everything away to leave and set myself on the other side of the world…

The time being is full with stress, the days go with no time for me to do anything. I feel like the beginning of the year was yesterday. But it’s my rule: going forward, without looking back… except for this blog, otherwise it would be pointless.

Here is a summary of what happened since we last met, on jan. 31.

  • My mother left Montreal (she was here on holidays for 15 days),
  • I did 3 photo shoots with Damian and 8 on my own, for Être magazine, mainly,
  • Julien, a friend from university and who lives now in London asked me: « What if we spend some time together, for the vacation? »,
  • I realized the website of Polyrey Design Awards ), for MOONDA,
  • I had to take a day-off on feb. 14 to recover from 15 days of really intense work,
  • I had a perfect Saint-Valentin ♥,
  • I realized the website of Damian Siqueiros (//, friend and photographer with whom I work,
  • I applied to get a new visa to stay in Montreal,
  • I told her : « ♥ I love you ♥ » (yes, I said “heart-heart”),
  • I printed two beautiful pictures, large copies, at a professional printer. One is for a gift,
  • I spent to days sorting my photo films which I unfortunately mixed in a mess,
  • I was in some strikes here, with the students,
  • I went two times at the theater to see ballets,
  • I found an amazing wooden frame for a gift and two wooden supports for windows which I will use for a personal project,
  • I tested the « cabane à sucre » with my colleagues from Thomas&Cie,
  • I realized the website of Zetä Production (//, an excellent photo agency in Montreal,
  • I bought my tickets to meet my friends Sophie, Julien, Lisa and JB, for some holidays in Peru, Bolivia and Chile,
  • I started to work on a new design for my website, which will be online before I leave, I hope so,
  • I spent 3 amazing days in New York with my girlfriend, met her best friend Sean,
  • I decided that I would spend a week in Mexico City, on the way back home after my vacation, to be with my girlfriend who will dance there during June,
  • I voted,
  • I still haven’t finished working on Antoine’s framing,
  • I still haven’t finished to digitize the films I shot last december,
  • We visited a new apartment with Arnaud, said that we would take it on the day after, signed the lease two days later to move in in the next 10 days,
  • I have only 10 days left to receive my new visa, buy a last plane ticket, pay my taxes in France, prepare 4 bills for project I’ve worked on, kiss my girlfriend who leave on Tour in Europe next week, prepare my baggage, my photo bag-pack and leave…

Here we are!…

A lot to do, moving to another place, in love, soon on vacation. For a quickest summary.

To thank you for your time, a few pictures :) .

See you soon!

Central Park, New York.

At Sean’s, New York.